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Available Products


Pesarapappu/ Moong Dal- Rs 130/kg

Kandi Pappu/ Toor Dal- Rs 90/kg

Aashirvaad atta- Rs60/kg

Gold drop Sunflower Oil- Rs. 100/ltr

Sugar- Rs 40/kg

Salt- Rs 20/kg

Gemini tea- Rs 98/250g

Mirchi Powder- Rs 25/100g


Milk- Rs 23/500ml Rs 12/200ml

Fresh Curd- Rs 14/200ml & Rs 35/500g

Farm Fresh eggs- Rs 48/ 12 pieces

Fruits and Vegetables

Gobi/ Cauliflower- Rs 40/kg

Cabbage- Rs 40/kg

Potato- Rs 40/kg

Onion- Rs 40/kg

Green Chillies- Rs 40/kg

Water melon Rs 40/kg

Banana Rs40/dozen

Apples Rs 160/kg

*Prices are subjected to change.

**Items are subject to availability.

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